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Buy, Sell and Repair All Types of Clocks:

Cuckoo Clocks, Grandfather Clocks, Mantel and Wall Clocks, Anniversary Clocks, Quartz Clocks, Battery Operated Clocks and More...

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Customer Satisfaction Is My Goal. All Work is Performed by a Certified Horologist.

Clocks are an important part of people's lives. Many clock owners aren't aware that clocks need to be maintained and serviced every 3 years. Although loving and diligent care is given to the clock by their owners, many are not aware that dust accumulates in the oil that the clock requires in order to run smoothly. If the old oil and dust is not removed, the clock slows down, gums up and wears down the brass plates. The old dust acts as an abrasive on the brass plates of the clock.

When the plates wear out, major restoration needs to be done. To eliminate this problem, cleaning and oiling of the clock should be maintained periodically. Every 3 years is best.

Grandfather clocks are cleaned and oiled in the customer's home when practical.

Repairs are done in my shop.

Currently, there is an (approximately) 8 - 10 week turn around time.