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When I brought my cuckoo clock to the Clock Lady, it was as sick and broken as can be. The bird didn’t cuckoo, the chalet movement was broken, the doors on the clock didn’t properly close, and the chains were old and worn. I wondered, in fact, if the clock was even worth fixing.

After meeting the Clock Lady, and after being given a tour of her work station and incredibly beautiful clock room, however, my doubts were put to rest. Not only did the Clock Lady manage to fix my clock, she did it at an unbelievably fair rate. Today my cuckoo clock works better than ever, and I have the Clock Lady to thank.

If you have a clock that needs fixing, look no where else – the Clock Lady is the best.

Ed Lubi 09/11/2012

The “Clock Lady” did a fabulous job of Tuning, Cleaning and Synchronizing my Trend Grandfather Clock. She is a Clock Professional.. Great Job Thanks Very Much



Tony112 03/26/2012

Excellent business!! Would recommend for getting a clock fixed!!


By Matthew Cutillo on January 31, 2011 at 01:56 PM

Marilyn the Clock Lady serviced my Ethan Allen Tempus Fugit Grandmother Clock for many years when my mom was alive and owned it - my mother highly recommended Marilyn to my father-in-law before very her recent death - so we thankfully were able to hire her to service both of our clocks because not only were her prices nearly half that of the quotes we received from her competitors but she also was extremely thorough and spent a lot of extra time explaining our clocks' inner mechanisms to us so we could best maintain and keep them for many years to come. I could not have been more impressed with her care and service, this 35 year old gem of a clock is once again chiming clearly and running precisely just like brand new again, which was not the case before her servicing session. Thanks so much dear Clock Lady for keeping us ticking ! You rock !


Mercury73 09/16/2011

This business woman is highly competent and honest, and in addition to replacing the movement could have inflated the repair cost by installing new glass.Instead she managed to remove the hideous paint on the existing glass placed there to hide damage incurred during a repair by another “Big Name” company in Nassau County.


Tankman3584 11/26/2009

cuckoo clock repair

I found that the Clock Lady was fair, honest and stands 100% behind her work. She is knowledgeable about cuckoo clocks as well as other clocks. It was explained to me what needed to be done, why it needed to be done and the best way to repair the clock. I felt at ease with her knowledge and left the clock for repair. When it was done I was very happy with the service and the price. The clock has been running without problems. I recommend this business and the service performed.